Jawan collection Soars to Unprecedented Box Office Heights

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Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Shatters Records Worldwide

Jawan collection: In a cinematic triumph that has sent shockwaves through the film industry, Shah Rukh Khan’s latest venture, “Jawan,” has set a new standard for box office success. The film’s Saturday collections, when combined with its Indian earnings, tallied an astounding Rs. 148.50 crores, propelling its cumulative global box office to a staggering Rs. 389 crores.

Overseas Box Office Triumph of Jawan collection

Notably, “Jawan” saw its zenith at the overseas box office on a spectacular Saturday, amassing a jaw-dropping USD 6.80 million (Rs. 56.50 crores). This phenomenal surge pushed the three-day running total to an impressive USD 17.05 million (Rs. 142 crores). With a robust performance in India contributing Rs. 92 crores, the film stands on the brink of an extraordinary USD 22 million weekend overseas, set to breach the monumental Rs. 500 crores mark in a mere four days.

Jawan vs. Pathaan: A Close Battle

Comparisons with another Shah Rukh Khan starrer, “Pathaan,” reveal a neck-and-neck competition. While some markets favor “Jawan,” others lean towards “Pathaan.” What sets “Jawan” apart is the expectation it carried, as opposed to the shockingly staggering numbers witnessed with “Pathaan.” These two SRK films dominate the top spots, leaving a substantial gap between them and the rest of the cinematic lineup.

Market Highlights

The Middle East emerges as a formidable leader, contributing an impressive USD 6 million to date, with an eye-popping USD 1.50 million pouring in from the UAE on Saturday alone. North America, although slightly trailing “Pathaan,” holds its ground with an impressive USD 5.70 million by Saturday.

UK and Australia Shine Bright

Despite challenges, the UK delivers commendable numbers, with earnings exceeding USD GBP 1 million. Meanwhile, in Australia, “Jawan” achieved a historic feat by surpassing “Pathaan” on the national holiday, securing AUD 1.60 million.

Territorial Breakdown of Overseas Success

  • US/Canada: USD 5,650,000
  • Middle East: USD 6,050,000
  • Australia: USD 1,025,000
  • New Zealand: USD 215,000
  • Malaysia: USD 350,000
  • Singapore: USD 330,000
  • Nepal: USD 300,000 approx
  • Rest of Asia: USD 400,000
  • United Kingdom: USD 1,280,000
  • Germany: USD 350,000
  • Rest of Europe: USD 800,000
  • Rest of World: USD 300,000

Total Overseas Collections: USD 17,050,000

With “Jawan” soaring to unprecedented heights, it’s evident that Shah Rukh Khan’s magnetic presence on screen continues to captivate audiences worldwide. The film’s performance sets a new benchmark for success, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of cinematic history.

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