“Angry Fans Demand Refund for Shah Rukh Khan’s Film ‘Jawan’: Here’s Why”

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Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Jawan’ is not only breaking records globally, but it’s also stirring up quite a controversy. A viral video on social media shows disgruntled fans demanding refunds outside a cinema hall.


The Unfortunate Incident:

London-based Sahar Rashid shared a video capturing her experience of watching the film in a theater. Sahar mentioned it had been a long time since she had gone to see a Shah Rukh Khan movie.

A Projectionist’s Mistake Turns Experience Sour:

Unfortunately, her experience took a sour turn when the theater mistakenly started the second part of ‘Jawan’ instead of the first. This mishap left the entire audience bewildered. They couldn’t fathom how the villain met his end before the interval. Later, it was revealed that the projectionist had inadvertently played the second part first.

Refunds and Complimentary Tickets:

In the video, Sahar also shared that the theater owners later refunded her ticket and even provided her with complimentary tickets for another screening of ‘Jawan’.

‘Jawan’: A Box Office Triumph:

The Hindi version of ‘Jawan’ has already amassed a collection of 319 crore rupees within just 5 days. Worldwide, it has shattered all records by grossing a staggering 560 crore rupees in the same period.


While ‘Jawan’ continues to make waves at the box office, this incident serves as a reminder that even highly anticipated films can face unexpected hiccups. The cinema’s quick response in offering refunds and complimentary tickets demonstrates a commitment to ensuring a positive movie-going experience for all fans.

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